Bed bugs are an incredibly difficult pest to control because they are so
good at hiding in tiny cracks and crevices. Also, modern bed bug populations
are highly resistant to the insecticides used for their control.
Because bed bugs are difficult to access, and our insecticides do not
work as well as we would like, home owners and pest management
professionals have been searching for novel ways to kill bed
bugs inside a structure.

Heat is known to be a very effective bed bug killer and it can be used in
many different ways to treat infestations.For instance, heat in the form
of steam can be used to treat bed bugs in carpets, behind base boards and
on upholstered furniture. Hot dryers and portable heat chambers can be used
to kill bed bugs in infested household items. Larger heat chambers can be
used to treat furniture, while professional heating systems can be used to
treat entire rooms and structures.

Heat treatment offers certain advantages when it comes to bed
bug management. Heat is non-toxic, and can kill all bed bug life stages
including bed bug eggs. Heat treatment is one of the more effective tools

that we have in the fight against bed bugs.

Heat treatments