Hording requires a very specialized service normal cleaning/prep company’s just can’t do. We do everything required to make sure the following heat treatment will be 100% successful. The use of traditional pesticides could never accomplish a complete eradication of bed bugs that heat can, or the multiple benefits achieved by elevated temperatures, including the reduction or elimination of harmful bacteria, dust mites and eliminating the egg stage of the bed bug. Prep service may include:

Removal of old furniture, rubbish.
 Treat all clothing in drawers & linen closet in a hot dryer.
Bag, label and seal clothing, store offsite until heat treatment is finished.
♦ Treat all sheets, blankets, covers in a hot dryer.
Remove switch plates and outlet covers & baseboards.
♦ All items subject to heat damage through melting, expansion or explosion will be removed from the home until the heat treatment is completed.
*Post treatment cleaning service and restore the home by putting everything back where it was after the treatments is completed, is also available.

Clutter & Hoarders

Prep X  can perform preparation services for clients prior to our heat treatments. A team of two to four cleaners will be sent, depending on the size of your home, the amount of your belongings, and your time frame. Our cleaning team will arrive at your home as discretely as possible – we do not advertise our presence in any way. We will supply all materials/equipment needed for the job.
*We can do a thorough cleaning & then restore your home and put everything back where it was after the treatments is completed.These prep and post treatment services are separately scheduled, performed, and billed in addition to heat treatment costs.