bed bugs

Bedbugs are small, oval insects that feed by sucking blood from humans or 
animals. Bedbugs do not fly.Bedbugs can live anywhere in the home. They
can live in cracks in furniture or in any type of textile, including upholstered
furniture. They are most common in beds, including the mattress, box springs, and bed frames.

A bedbug bite is painless and is generally not noticed. The bites may be mistaken for a rash of another cause. Small, flat, or raised bumps on the skin are the most common sign. Symptoms include redness, swelling, and itching.Bedbugs are most active at night. They may bite any exposed
areas of skin while an individual is sleeping. Common locations for bedbug
bites are the face, neck, hands, and arms.Typically,no treatment is required
for bedbug bites. If itching is severe, steroid creams or oral antihistamines
may be used for symptom relief.

Fecal stains, egg cases, and shed skins (exuviae) of bedbugs in crevices and cracks on or near beds are suggestive that bedbugs may be present, but only observing the bugs themselves can confirm an active infestation. A professional pest-control company may be required to help identify and remove bedbugs from the home.Infestations have been reported in homes,
day cares, schools, universities, offices, hotels, transit hubs, theaters, hospitals, retirement communities and many other facilities.